Well, many of you will know that Andrew & I had planned to retire from holiday letting, but fate decreed otherwise. We put Honeysuckle Cottage on the market earlier in the year and found a buyer pretty quickly. The cottage was busy all summer and until the end of September which is when we had anticipated the sale going through. About a week before expected completion, our buyers pulled out as they wanted something bigger. This was a blow, I’m not going to lie, and a serious postponement of our plans. We had added Horseshoe to the market just as we were about to complete.

Though on the same courtyard, for buyers, they are very different beasts. Honeysuckle has full residential planning, while Horseshoe is a holiday let. The upshot of all that is that we continue but cannot take bookings too far ahead for fear of disappointing people if another sale arises. So, we are taking bookings for up to three months in advance via this website, phone (01237 441556) or Airbnb.  Hopefully, some of you might fancy a break. We are not running the cottages as actively as we were but we are keen to use them while we still have them. At the moment we can be fairly flexible outside high season in terms of start and end dates so do contact us if you want a break. At this time of year, a private pool is a real bonus. We still get very starry nights, and beautiful sunrises/sunsets as we have little light pollution.


Horseshoe’s Pool