Our booking terms and conditions

Our booking terms and conditions

Just to update visitors.

Our cottages are still open and available for rent.

There are no known cases of COVID-19 here, and hopefully, our location, thorough handwashing, etc., will keep it that way.

Please see our terms and conditions for bookings.

We strongly recommend travel insurance for holidays at home or abroad and hope most people these days have policies in place. http://countrycottageplus.uk/terms/

Bookings while on the market

As many of you will know, our old farmhouse was under offer twice for 10 months of last year, which we were very pleased about as we have been looking to retire. Honeysuckle Cottage was also under offer for many months during 2018 and again in 2019 when we remarketed it. All these sales fell through so we opened up bookings for summer into autumn and over Christmas/New Year. Our majority bookings come from Airbnb these days, like many other accommodation providers. The farmhouse is now up for auction and we hope someone with time, vision and money will want to buy it as a renovation project. Honeysuckle cottage has full residential permission so it would be lovely to get a full-time resident there.

As it stands we don’t want to take bookings too far in advance as we’d hate to have to cancel and disappoint people if sales went through, but for now, bookings are available up to and including Easter hols as it is unlikely anything will be resolved that quickly.  We thank everyone who has supported us in the past by staying in the cottages. They remain unique in having their own pools which are not for lengthy swims, but ideal for children to play in and to learn to swim in (and some adults). Ideal entertainment on a rainy day as kids love to splash around!

So, currently, we still have Horseshoe (sleeps 10) and Honeysuckle (sleeps 4) available. Well behaved doggies are welcome.




Both cottages available again for summer

Both cottages available again for summer

As you know, we have been trying to retire, so have had Honeysuckle Cottage on the market, along with our farmhouse, the latter in need of total renovation. We have readily found buyers but twice each the sales of both properties have fallen through. Much time has been wasted by these aborted sales (which have gone right to exchange 3 out of 4 times)when we have taken the cottages off the market accordingly, not wishing to cancel holidays for people who have booked ahead. Not your problem, but a bit of background about why our unique cottages are once again available, and underbooked for the summer (yes, price cuts).

We have literally paid the price of having faith in the house selling business, so now we have the cottages ready for use again at reduced prices for the school summer holidays.

Horseshoe, sleeping 10 is normally £1950 and is now reduced to £1500 a week. It sleeps 10 people, with 3 double beds and 2 twin rooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 ensuite shower rooms, dogs are welcomed, and you have your own personal pool to play in.

Honeysuckle, which I still think is a really cute space, is now available reduced from £995 to £850 for the week. It sleeps 4 and also has its own pool.

Changeovers are Fridays for Honeysuckle and Saturdays for Horseshoe.

We hope, if you are still seeking a holiday bargain, you will try one of our cottages.

We notice some cottages elsewhere do not provide bed linen or towels, tea towels, or free parking. Please note, we provide all that inclusive in the price, and we will even take in your grocery delivery if required.

We will warmly welcome your visit.

Horseshoe availability now released until July

Horseshoe availability now released until July

The conifer has had the chop!

As you know, Horseshoe Cottage is for sale as we keep trying to retire, so we are only releasing 3 months ahead at a time.

The cottage is ideal for up to 10 people, with 3 double beds, and 2 twin bedrooms. The big draw is the heated indoor swimming pool, ideal for children to splash and play, and great for rainy days.

We’ve had wonderful weather recently, and it is nearly bluebell time down here!


Honeysuckle cottage no longer available

In keeping with our gentle retirement plans, Honeysuckle Cottage is no longer available to rent. Horseshoe Cottage is, but it is on the market, so we are only able to take bookings three months in advance to avoid disappointment. Horseshoe is on AirBnB but it is cheaper to actually book directly through this website as there are no commission charges. Tel 01237 441556 or email countrycottageplus@gmail.com

Thank you. 

Availability at our cottages

Availability at our cottages

Well, many of you will know that Andrew & I had planned to retire from holiday letting, but fate decreed otherwise. We put Honeysuckle Cottage on the market earlier in the year and found a buyer pretty quickly. The cottage was busy all summer and until the end of September which is when we had anticipated the sale going through. About a week before expected completion, our buyers pulled out as they wanted something bigger. This was a blow, I’m not going to lie, and a serious postponement of our plans. We had added Horseshoe to the market just as we were about to complete.

Though on the same courtyard, for buyers, they are very different beasts. Honeysuckle has full residential planning, while Horseshoe is a holiday let. The upshot of all that is that we continue but cannot take bookings too far ahead for fear of disappointing people if another sale arises. So, we are taking bookings for up to three months in advance via this website, phone (01237 441556) or Airbnb.  Hopefully, some of you might fancy a break. We are not running the cottages as actively as we were but we are keen to use them while we still have them. At the moment we can be fairly flexible outside high season in terms of start and end dates so do contact us if you want a break. At this time of year, a private pool is a real bonus. We still get very starry nights, and beautiful sunrises/sunsets as we have little light pollution.


Horseshoe’s Pool



We are in the process of retiring. Honeysuckle Cottage is ‘sale agreed’ and Horseshoe Cottage is shortly going on the market. We thank all our customers/visitors past and present. Our last visitors will be staying in Honeysuckle Cottage in September and we are only taking bookings up to 3 months ahead in Horseshoe.

Stunning summer at Tosberry

Stunning summer at Tosberry

To be fair it has been stunning everywhere, but we have had the most superb sunsets and glorious weather all round. Indeed, the occasional rain shower has been most welcome! These were taken on July 18th at Hartland Quay and Tosberry.

Sunny days in Devon & Cornwall

Sunny days in Devon & Cornwall

Tommy’s Pit may be found at the Breakwater, Bude, at low tide.

Towards Summerleaze, Bude

Sandymouth Beach, near Bude

Suggs loves a trip to Sandymouth

Like the rest of the country, we have enjoyed some stupendous weather lately. We’ve had busy cottages and family visitors. Bude is one of our favourite spots so here’s a few photos to give a taste of Bude and Sandymouth Beach.