As many of you will know, our old farmhouse was under offer twice for 10 months of last year, which we were very pleased about as we have been looking to retire. Honeysuckle Cottage was also under offer for many months during 2018 and again in 2019 when we remarketed it. All these sales fell through so we opened up bookings for summer into autumn and over Christmas/New Year. Our majority bookings come from Airbnb these days, like many other accommodation providers. The farmhouse is now up for auction and we hope someone with time, vision and money will want to buy it as a renovation project. Honeysuckle cottage has full residential permission so it would be lovely to get a full-time resident there.

As it stands we don’t want to take bookings too far in advance as we’d hate to have to cancel and disappoint people if sales went through, but for now, bookings are available up to and including Easter hols as it is unlikely anything will be resolved that quickly.  We thank everyone who has supported us in the past by staying in the cottages. They remain unique in having their own pools which are not for lengthy swims, but ideal for children to play in and to learn to swim in (and some adults). Ideal entertainment on a rainy day as kids love to splash around!

So, currently, we still have Horseshoe (sleeps 10) and Honeysuckle (sleeps 4) available. Well behaved doggies are welcome.