The weather has been a curiously mixed bag, but this week, our visitors did enjoy a fair bit of sunshine. One of the many seasonal changes I’ve noticed this week is a large number of attractively coloured butterflies gracing our lanes. These are quite common, and this one kindly stopped for long enough for me to take a quick snap.

Holidays can cost a lot of money in terms of going out and paying to entertain the children but here, there is a lot to see free of charge. The scenery is spectacular and even a dog walk yields beauty if you look for it. Luckily, in poorer weather, the cottages having their own pools is a godsend as you can get pleasantly wet without going outside, and it helps to while away the hours for the children. It’s always lovely to hear playful shrieks and splashes coming from the pool rooms. Enjoy. 2016-08-18 12.38.42