2016-08-13 19.14.53What an amazing evening. I’ve never seen Hartland Carnival so crowded, but the usual superb array of floats and a great atmosphere prevailed, as cars queued to enter the village. It felt like there were thousands of people. Maybe there were. The good weather invariably helped, with fine, cheery blue skies.

2016-08-13 20.14.34

2016-08-13 20.06.56The floats were, as ever, varied and ornate (so much time and effort go into these, which makes Hartland one of the best carnivals around, if not THE best).

Then, to polish off a lovely evening, the sky turned a beautiful orange, so set off to Hartland Quay for an unimpeded view over Lundy.

2016-08-13 21.01.17