2016-09-08-15-01-27 2016-09-08-13-26-49 2016-09-08-13-26-05 2016-09-08-13-25-55 2016-09-08-13-12-57Had a day out at Westward Ho! the other day, but with a difference. A lovely dog walk from Northam via Wuzzy. This was a new one on me, yet high above the beach is The Kipling Tors which lead you to the South West Coast Path.

To the west of the town is a gorse-covered hill where Kipling and his friends smoked pipes and cigars and read books by Huskin, Carlyle and Whitman in their hut in the middle of the densest patch of gorse bushes. This hill, the famous ‘Wuzzy’ of ‘Stalky & Co.’, his story about a boys’ boarding school based in North Devon, was eventually dedicated to the author and renamed Kipling Tors. In 1938 it was given to the National Trust by the Kipling Memorial Fund. It is well worth a walk simply for the views. Great dog walking country, too.